Thursday, October 30, 2014

Movie Making Reflection

What could we work on?
We could have improved our movies by adding more detail into the background. Also we could use different apps in it for a bit more variety. Then we needed to improve with less shaking of the camera. Other than that, we did great!

from Techsperx Zaric, Jack and Ryleigh

Movie Making Reflection

What went well? 
The things that went well were that our movies were funny and we used really useful apps like green screen and do ink. The audience enjoyed our movies with laughter. We worked as a team to make the movies and everybody had a roll. We also met the criteria - imagine, create dream and connect.

Techspert - Ben and Baki

Movie Making Reflection

It was interesting everyone had range of apps for their movie.
These are some of the apps some people used.
We think we can use them next year.
  • Green screen
  • Do ink
  • Tomato sauce app
  • Lego app
  • Stop motion
  • i movie

Monday, October 20, 2014

Movie Making

The next three posts are our published movies that we have worked really hard on for the past term.

We are looking forward to attending the Movie Festival this week to share our movies and to view all the other movies from other schools.

The theme for our movies was....

create , dream, connect, imagine. 

Movie Making

The Extraordinary Dream

by Courtney, Katie, Faye, Aidan, Jack, Jordan, Zarian

Friday, October 17, 2014

Movie Making

The Dream Machine

by Fabian, Zaric, Ben, Rishika, Jenna-Lee, Ryleigh, Dakota, Nikita, Baki